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To promote breeding, raising, training, sale and exhibition of the American Saddlebred Horse in the state of Texas and elsewhere, and to promote other activities and events of any nature to create enthusiasm, use, pleasure and interest in the breed.

To encourage and educate youth and adults interested in the American Saddlebred Horse.

To promote higher standards for showmanship and sportsmanship, and enjoy open communication with those interested inthe breed.

To encourage sociability, cooperation, enjoyment and good sportsmanship among members of the Assocation and others.

To cooperate with educational institutions, governmental agencies, civic organizations and the general public to promote the horse industry and the American Saddlebred breed.

To cooperate with, and assist horse show managers and organizations who promote shows in the selection and spacing of classes of the American Saddlebred Horse.  To support and help develop better horse shows throughout the state of Texas.

Thank You!

Images: Champion Rosette provided courtesy of Cathy Ruby; image of Lonnie Quarle/Tom Moore Hall of Fame & Patty Milligan courtesy of Gail M. Kirkland. Many photos on site provided courtesy of Brooke Jacobs. Thanks to all!